blah, i've been working on this for the past.. i think four days..! so it's finally done! :D I was inspired by a picture I saw on DA, so I wanted to make something similar but with some RPCs! I wanted to use a lot more people, but I needed certain letters Dx I might make another one with more of you sometime~!! Anyway, I'm sorry if I did anything wrong on your character, or if you don't like what they're wearing. D: And Aya-chan, I'm so so sorry about Kiro! I failed so bad at trying to edit him, it doesn't even look like him D: I ruined his cuteness Dx Blah, what else.. Kiba and Yukina are in the wrong places. I obviously don't know my alphabet.. xD Anyway.. I said this on FB but the picture I was inspired by had things written on it by Naruto.. So if you want you can write over this saying things about everyone from your characters view! And even if you're not in this you can do it 8D Don't be shy too xD If you think Jade and Kiba should get a room go ahead and write that, I don't care XD lol, anyway.. long description is long.. I'M SORRY FOR SPAMMING YOU ALL!! XD so now that this is finished i need to get my requests done Dx bai bai!! 8D